What Is Geode?

  • White label staking solution without fees, maintenance or third party risk
  • Increase yield on your treasury and provide ETH2 staking to their users while maintaining the ability to charge what you want to generate income
  • Bring your own governance to our ecosystem
  • Manage your own risk profile by choosing your own node operators
  • Gives projects the ability to create new yield generating products
  • No Fees
  • Full control over the withdrawal contracts, giving them complete security of treasury and user funds
  • Liquidity Provider (LP) opportunities for their users via their own ETH2 staking token.
  • Trustless and decentralized implementation, contrary to other centralized ETH2 staking protocols.
  • On top of all these benefits, smooth and simple integration.
  • Crash Bandicoot — Solidity Developer
  • Pacific — Solidity Developer
  • Nomnom — Solidity Developer
  • Exiton — Front End Lead
  • DeFi Fry — Marketing Director
  • Oranges — Operations Lead
  • Cryptopher Robin — Social Media Lead
  • Nomad — Design Lead
  • SuperFlyTNT2 — Support Lead



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Geode Finance

Geode Finance


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